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2024 Meetings



Beehive Birthday Party and First Aid Program:
Speakers: Lynn Campbell, retired Paramedic
Jason Meyers, retired EMT and ER Tech
Babette Nelson, retired EMT (and mother of 9 kids!)
Guest Speaker, Barrett Raymond, retired Paramedic, RN, Flight Nurse and current National Disaster Team and Nurse Practitioner


Vehicle Preparedness:

Tom Larsen went over a list of emergency supplies that are important to take along when off roading. He shared his Vehicle Preparedness PowerPoint presentation and displayed a table FULL of equipment for everyone to see what he has in his personal kit.



Dennis Brugman, of West Valley City, has been in the rockhounding world for over 35 years. He’s coming to our meeting to show us some tricks of his trade and will be demonstrating cabbing techniques on his custom-made Cab Pro machine.



Annual Winter Beehive Potluck and slide presentation of the club's yearly activites. 

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