Let any Board Member know of any place you would like to visit or explore for the 2021 Field Trip Season.

2021 Field Trips


Dates and Maps will be added and corrected as trips are finalized.

For Latest Information and to confirm you are going, call or text Dave Offret, Field Trip Coordinator, @ 801-791-6081. Or contact one of the Club Officers for more information.

April 24 - Dave's Famous West Desert Loop - History, geodes, agate, apache tears, jasper and possibly topaz

May 15 - Delta Area - Fossil Mountain, brachiopods, gastropds, rock shop.

June 19 - Tony's rock pile - different varieties of unusual rock from around the world, sold by the pound. 

July 17 - Woodruff area - Gatropods

August  21 - Richmond - Mexican Lace agate, Serape jasper, Transcus geodes, price varies per pound. 

September 25th - Eurika - Eurika jasper, Eurika agate and Vernon wonderstone.

October 21-23rd - Floy Wash - Petrifies wood, agate, jasper, coporlite, tranvertine etc. 

November ?? - Depending on weather - Hanksville - Geodes, agate, petrified wood 


If there is any Interest from new members in old areas who need an old guide

several of us are retired and would be willing to tag along and help if transportation

is provided



Any of the club officers