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Let any Board Member know of any place you would like to visit or explore for the 2020 Field Trip Season.

2019 Field Trips


Dates and Maps will be added and corrected as trips are finalized.

For Latest Information and to confirm you are going, call or text Tom Larsen, Field Trip Coordinator, @ 801-390-8270. Or contact one of the Club Officers for more information.

May 11th Wendover Area - Agate, rootbeer onyx, rhyolite plus whatever else we find.

June 21-22  - Woodward Ranch area - CANCELED :(

July 11- 14  - Graveyard Point Area - plume agate, petrified wood and more

August  17th - Pelican Point - Rootbeer Onyx Calcite, Yellow to White Onyx Calcite, light Green Onyx Calcite, Wonderstone,                                                           Geothite/Limonite after Pyrite, and petrified seashell fossils

September 14 - Wamsutter Area - We will be going after Turritella agate. This material was incorrectly named decades ago                                                              when it was thought that the spiral-shaped gastropod (snail) fossils entombed within                                                                    the stone were members of the marine Turritella genus. That was a mistake. Instead, the                                                              fossils are of the freshwater snail, Elimia tenera, a member of the Pleuroceridae family.

October 5-12  - Henry Mountains/Foy Wash Area - We will be starting at Star Springs, then going to Floy Wash. There is also an opportunity to go to the Moab rock show. We will be going to different areas for petrified wood, coprolite and agates. 


If there is any Interest from new members in old areas who need an old guide

several of us are retired and would be willing to tag along and help if transportation

is provided



Any of the club officers