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Let any Board Member know of any place you would like to visit or explore for the 2022 Field Trip Season.

2022 Field Trips


Dates and Maps will be added and corrected as trips are finalized.

For Latest Information and to confirm you are going, call or text Dave Offret, Field Trip Coordinator, @ 801-791-6081. Or contact one of the Club Officers for more information.

April 16 - "Dave's Famous Rock Trip Loop to the Dugway/Topaz Area" -  Geodes, Apache Tears, Tiffany Stone,                                                                          Jaspers, Agates, and hopefully a few new places too!

May 13 and 14, Friday and Saturday.-  Milford Area.  3 Picasso Marble areas, all with different color, Creole mine                                                                    tailings (Neat stuff!), misc Agates and Jaspers, and hopefully be able to                                                                        get on to the Flame Opal claim!

June 18 - Calcyte Crystals at the Great Salt Lake. 

July 16 - Lyman, Wyoming -  Moss agates, at NEW places!  Also many other colors of agates and Jaspers.                                                                              Possibly in combination with the Gastropods and Snail Mummies. 

August 13 -  The Famous Favorite, Tonys Rock Pile and BBQ/Potluck!!  Always a HUGE favorite!!

September 17 -  Fossil Mountain and The Obsidian beds. We went a couple years ago, and have had requests to                                                                   go back!!

October 6 - 9 - Thursday through Sunday.   The Traditional Floy Wash weekend, with trips to Yellow Cat and the                                                                     Floy area.  We hope to hit about 15+ places!

If there is any Interest from members in old areas who need an old guide, several of us are retired and would be willing to tag along and help if transportation is provided.



Any of the club officers




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