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2020 Field Trips

Blue Forest/Fontenelle
Grouse Creek

Dates and Maps will be added and corrected as trips are finalized.

For Latest Information and to confirm you are going, call or text Dave, Field Trip Coordinator, @ 801-791-6081. Or contact one of the Club Officers for more information.

April 25 - Price/Cleveland UT area - Agate (Changed to June 13th)

May 15-19 - Blue Forest/Fontenelle WY - Petrified Wood, Wyoming blizzard stone, stromatolite

May 29-30 - Jackpot NV - Pink limb casts (Cancelled due to Jackpot being closed due to COVID virus)

June 26-27 - Milford/Manderfield UT - Snowflake obsidian, jasper, agate and unknownite

July 17-18 - Tony's rock pile - different varieties of unusual rock from around the world, sold by the pound. 

August  8th -Grouse Creek - Geodes, Porcelin jasper (Cancelled due to extreme temperatures)

September 12th - Wendover - Seam agate 

October 10 - Lyman area - Agate, petrified wood, ammonites

November 14 - Hanksville - Geodes, agate, petrified wood (Cancelled due to Covid 19)


If there is any Interest from new members in old areas who need an old guide

several of us are retired and would be willing to tag along and help if transportation

is provided



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