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Excerpts from members that went on the Henry Mountain Field Trip

  "Well, It's Monday evening, I'm just leaving Jason's and you didn't miss much at all! You talk about a wet rainy, muddy weekend! So, we actually made it to just a couple spots, but didn't collect much, we almost died a couple times, haha..... But it was a fun weekend, just really wet...."

   "... the mud was so bad that first day that we all slid down a mountain road, some sideways. It was scary! ........ on the way to the coprolite, we crossed a small creek. It was small at the beginning of the day, but a good sized river when we came back! But we all made it through. We had about 14 people show up... Wet weekend. "

    "The one place the we did stop and get out for a few minutes, I found the biggest piece of petrified wood and it was only about as big as your fist! Everyone else found little chunks..... And then the only other place the we actually got out was the coprolite place! Everyone got some of that but we all got soaked...."

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